Function: Lean Startup Expert

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Schiphol NeXtNeXt is responsible for digital innovation and new business within Schiphol. Tosupport our Leading Digital Airport ambition NeXt focusses on 2 main activities:ideation and testing. Ideation includes all activities aimed at gathering andgenerating ideas to solve challenges. We believe in an outside-in approach where wetry to identify new digital solutions (products or services) that might have value forSchiphol. 

Testing includes all activities aimed at validating hypotheses about thesenew solutions. We believe that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Thereforewe do proof-of-concepts, prototypes and pilots to see what could work and would bevaluable for Schiphol. 

NeXt is a small team that works together with external partners and all parts of theinternal organization. NeXt uses 2 approaches, one to address innovation on horizon1 (Innovation Waves) and one for horizon 2 (Moonshot Tribes). The Innovation Wavesare fast-paced 3/4 month initiatives that aim to improve our current business. TheMoonshot Tribes are initiatives aimed at exploring and testing new technologies and trends like for example Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. For both approaches wedepend heavily on Lean Startup as a way of working. 

Function: Lean Startup Expert 

We are currently looking for a Lean Startup Expert to support the team and initiativeswithin NeXt. Within this temporary (we expect 12 months) full time position you willbe teaming up with the other team members in order to make sure that Lean Startupmethodology is applied in the best possible way. You will help setup and runexperiments in order to maximize learnings. 

The results of the accumulated learningswill eventually lead to a MVP on which we can base a decision to implement- or not.You will also be responsible for enhancing the overall level of the team’s Lean Startupskills. 

The ideal candidate has a proven track record of successfully applying the theory ofLean Startup in practice. He or she is an expert in breaking down complex problemsinto quickly executable steps through experimentation. The ideal candidate valuescustomer feedback above everything and knows how to get it. Furthermore the idealcandidate is excited about transferring his skills to others and has done so successfullyin the past.This role will be temporary (we expect 12 months) full time (36 hours per week) andrequire your physical presence at Schiphol as an integral part of the team.Profile• StructuredYou are structured in the way you work, extremely data driven and have aneye for detail. 

These skills are required to translate creativity into actionableresults and next steps. 

• Entrepreneurial mindsetYou are proactive and outgoing. You are creative in the ways in which youapproach things. We expect a candidate to be able to show that he or she isgood at rethinking situations and has the ability to come up with new ordifferent solutions than others. You have a can-do mentality and are not easilystopped by resistance. 

• AmbitiousYou want to do things 10 times better! Think big, act small, scale fast. Youdon’t take no for an answer and are willing to work your ass off in order toachieve the desired result. You get a kick if a plan comes together. 

• Result orientedWe believe that the power of an idea lies in execution. You are someone thathas a strong bias towards action and achieves tangible results in no time. Youlove getting your hands dirty and leave the talking to others. 

• Coordinating with othersYou love working together to jointly achieve great things. You can managestakeholders and make sure they are on board for the experiments that youwant to run. Collaboration will primarily be with the other people from theNeXt team but also with other internal (colleagues) and external (third partysuppliers) stakeholders.